Healthy Nachos Recipe

Losing weight may be a big challenge, mostly if you have so many kilos to shed off. It can be very tough to scrutinize all the fancy diets, and hazardous supplements in the market today weight loss diet. Exactly, how can someone know which fast weight loss diet works and which doesn’t and who should you believe?
Healthy Nachos #Recipe

It should be noted that a weight loss recipe alone will not work; it needs to be supported by exercises and lifestyle changes. Also, make sure to consult your family physician before you begin any weight loss diet program.The Healthy Nachos for One recipe is a good meal when you want to loss weight.Below is how to prepare Healthy Nachos for One:


-2 chopped mushrooms
-1 cup of 4 bean blend, drained & rinsed
-¼ diced onion
-8 halved cherry tomatoes,
-2 slices low fat bacon
-1 crushed clove garlic
– cup of water
-¼ cup frozen corn
-1 tablespoon of Greek Yoghurt
-2 tablespoon fajita seasoning mix
-10 corn chips
-2 tablespoon of salsa


-Burn a non-stick pan with olive oil and sauté the bacon, mushrooms, and onion till well cooked. Add the bean blend, garlic, ¼ cup water, fajita seasoning mix & simmer for five mins.
-Add tomatoes, and if required the remaining water. Simmer for a further several minutes.
-Place onto a tray or plate with your dollop, corn chips some Greek yogurt and salsa and enjoy!

Healthy Nachos #Recipe


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